Running Coaching in Brussels

Local & Learn

Your Local Coach

Whether you prepare one of our city’s major events (Ecotrail, marathon, …) or just want to get fit, 3COACH.BE’s local trainer Bastien is there to help you to reach your running goals.

Our approach is 100% personalized: an extensive take-in to get to know you, your motivation and ambitions, weekly updated programs based on your progress, and one-on-one field coachings in your neighbourhood planned based on your availabilities. Your coach is also available by phone, mail or Whatsapp for any question or problem you might have.

3COACH.BE collaborates in Brussels with:

  • Sports physiotherapist Christophe Ciavarella, based Avenue de Floréal, Uccle.
  • Jogging+, Specialist Running Shop, Rue du Luxembourg 6, 1000 Brussels.

Learn How to Run Effortlessly

Running is more than putting one foot in front of the other, it’s a skill. Just like any other sport you can improve your skills by exercising. It takes effort and work, but we will show you how and help you to become lighter and smoother in your movements.

After a while running will become less painful and you will find higher pleasure in your runs. Inevitably, with better technique and more running pleasure will come higher motivation, and from there it’s just a small step to increased performance.

Send us an e-mail if you want to find out more about our coaching program.

Usually we meet new runners over a coffee. This allows you to ask any question you might have, and allows us to get a better idea of your specific sports profile and needs. After the meeting you’ll have a clear idea whether our coaching is what you’re looking for.

The meeting can be at my office (Sanohub, Rue Saint-Denis 120, Forest), or closer to you if you prefer.

Program & Who

Just follow the program

Focusing on running technique is what makes this coaching program different. Your coach will regularly run with you to work on the many different aspects like posture, arms, landing and cadence. You will get direct feedback and grow week after week.

Through an online platform you will receive a weekly training program, in which we will review the main training principles to take into account. On top of that, we will share helpful insights about nutrition, and we can also discuss and develop your mental strength.

Who is the program for?

You’re a beginner and you want to take up running, but you don’t know how? Or maybe you’re trying, but you find it hard and you can’t imagine yourself comfortably strolling kilometer after kilometer? We can start together from scratch, we’ll teach you all the basics, and soon you will be running like you never imagined you would.

You’re an experienced runner but never worked on running technique? Instead of going through the whole process of experimenting, your learning curve will be much steeper when we work on it together, gradually making your style more efficient. After all, running is about being as fast as possible with the lowest energy investment.

Send us an e-mail or give me a call (+32 486 84 56 19) if you want to find out more about our coaching program.

Usually we meet new runners over a coffee. This allows you to ask any question you might have, and allows us to get a better idea of your specific sports profile and needs. After the meeting you’ll have a clear idea whether our coaching is what you’re looking for.

The meeting can be at my office (Sanohub, Rue Saint-Denis 120, Forest), or closer to you if you prefer.




“Avec Bastien j’ai trouvé un coach qui m’a aidé à revoir mes bases et à atteindre mes buts, le tout en étant très à l’écoute. Mais il a su aussi quand il fallait me pousser un peu!

Un idée folle comme préparer un marathon en moins de 2 mois, se transforme en 42km de plaisir grâce aux plans minutieux de préparation et aux encouragements de ce super-coach!

Ed.: For her first attempt at a marathon, Louisa nailed the Paris marathon in 3h37’17!

October 2021


“Bastien heeft mijn inzicht in looptechniek en trainingsopbouw sterk verbeterd. Hij heeft me geholpen op een gezonde manier mijn sportieve doelen te bereiken.

In eenvoud schuilt zijn grootste kracht. Echt een topcoach!”

Ed.: After a long period of inactivity, Jonas restarted running regularly and after half a year he was already completing 20km of Brussels in less than 1h32.

September 2021


“After assessing my physical condition and my running technique, Bastien proposed a personalized training program. For the next 6 months, he followed up my progress and adapted my program accordingly. I also got a lot of valuable advice.
Both my performance and my self-confidence having improved. As a result, during my field hockey matches I am better focused as running isn’t a limitation as it used to be.”

Ed.: After starting from scratch, Vyacheslav is ramping up his pace every month, now running at 4:40mn/km pace on 2K.

September 2021


“I started to run a few years ago and decided to embark on a new challenge: Run the Marathon du Mont-Blanc. It would have not been possible without the coaching of Bastien.

Thanks to him, I improved my running skills and overall performance a lot. Throughout the training program, Bastien has been a real coach and helped me to stay focused and energized. He also organized a few runs with other coachees from whom I learned a lot. Thanks Bastien for everything you have done and let’s keep in touch for other challenges!”

Ed.: In 2021 Pierre succesfully finished the Marathon du Mont-Blanc (2.630m D+), despite the gruelling weather conditions.

August 2021


“I was a regular runner when I started to train with Bastien. My goal was to run 10 km effortlessly. Within four months of regular training I was there – once I ran 14 km and it didn’t feel hard at all, in fact, I could have run even longer. With Bastien’s support I worked on my technique, and step by step upped my performance. At no point did it feel hard. I would have thought I would make progress faster, but I did make progress without noticing it really.

So, overall I am super happy with the training. Bastien gives constant, always positive feedback, which has worked to strengthen me mentally as well. And he has a great sense of humour. Thumbs up!”

Ed.: In 2021 Gitte set a personal best on 5K (26’52) and a few weeks another PB on 10K (53’43).

June 2021


“Bastien’s coaching style is methodical, he’s punctual in his feedback and adapts quickly to your schedule and performance, when needed. He’s challenging but relaxed, he’s going to push you, while always listening to your personal needs.

My running performance has strongly improved under his supervision and I learnt a lot about running and myself. Big plus he’s a cool and interesting person to have chat with! ”

Ed.: In 2021 Luca set personal bests on 5K (20’01), 10K (41’26) and ran totally unsupported the Green (Mountain) Marathon of Zurich in 4h19’07.

May 2021


“Depuis 2 ans je m’entraine avec Bastien, c’est un coach passionné par son job. Il m’a appris les techniques de base de la course à pied et surtout l’importance de la cadence, ce qui m’a permis d’améliorer l’efficacité de ma foulée et de mon rythme de course (à un niveau de dépense d’énergie constant!). Il a très vite compris mes attentes et a mis en place un plan d’entrainement adapté avec des objectifs intermédiaires afin de maintenir un bon niveau de motivation.

Impressionnant également de voir le temps qu’il prend à suivre les résultats de mes sessions d’entrainements afin d’adapter le plan, aussi à me rebooster si nécessaire via un message Whatsapp d’avant-course.

Je cours mon deuxième marathon dimanche prochain et je peux affirmer que je suis prêt à tous les niveaux : course, alimentation et sommeil. Il ne me reste plus qu’à atteindre l’objectif que je me suis fixé, en toute sérénité ! Thanks! ”

Ed.: In 2019 Robin has improved his PB on 10K, 20K and Marathon

October 2019


Coast to Coast Rat Race-Finisher

“De begeleiding is uiterst persoonlijk en alle mogelijke gegevens worden grondig geanalyseerd en besproken. Het trainingsschema werd perfect opgebouwd en aangepast aan mijn individuele situatie.

Wie zich aan het schema houdt, zal zeker klaar zijn voor de wedstrijd.

Voor herhaling vatbaar!”

September 2019


“Nous avons commencé à reprendre les bases de la course à pied avec différents exercices pour atteindre un bon niveau technique. En parallèle, Bastien a programmé des entraînements de vélo et de natation en fonction de mes contraintes professionnelles et familiales. Les types de session varient et je ne m’ennuie pas ! Grâce à un site internet dédié et à des discussions Whatsapp, les échanges sont faciles et flexibles.

L’équipe 3coach est un vrai plus pour le triathlon, et Bastien n’hésite pas à me mettre en contact avec les autres coaches ou triathlètes.

Cet été, j’ai couru le triathlon distance olympique d’Hambourg en un temps auquel je n’aurais pas cru quand j’ai commencé. Bastien ne me lâche pas pour autant et nous consacrons l’été à préparer le triathlon distance olympique de Barcelone. Au passage, j’ai perdu 10 kg !”

Ed.: In the meanwhile Hugues has further improved his PB with 4 minutes during the the Olympic triathlon of Barcelona in September.

August 2019


“With Bastien’s help, running has become more varied, more fun and more successful! After my first marathon I realised that I needed help to get faster, stronger and stay injury-free. Bastien listened to my needs, analysed my technique and form, and set up a tailored programme that worked on weaknesses such as endurance, posture and strength. The added ingredient of infectious enthusiasm helped too…

Now, instead of run after run at the same pace and on the same streets, I am running forest trails, doing barefoot runs, and mixing things up with tempos and fart leks. Bastien taught me to run ‘properly’, gave regular feedback on runs and his advice in preparation for races was invaluable – helping to prepare the mind as well as body.

Two more marathons and two PBs later, thanks to Bastien I’m getting so much more out of running – and learning that it really is a team sport!”

March 2019


“Avant de travailler avec Bastien j’avais déjà couru des 20km et des trails, mais sans aucune méthode d’entrainement. De manière simple et décontractée, il m’a apporté une structure et de nombreux conseils techniques. Il a très vite identifié mes forces et faiblesses avec un test à l’effort. Ensuite, Bastien m’a permis de progresser grâce à un programme personnalisé qui tenait compte de mes impératifs (boulot, vie familiale,…). Le plus, c’est cette sensation d’être encadré dans son entrainement. Je recommande Bastien sans aucune hésitation.”

May 2018

Eva Annamaria

“Preparing for my first 10 miles competition on my own, I felt like I had just hit a wall, so I contacted Bastien. He was really positive and enthusiastic right from the start, and his enthusiasm was contagious. He began teaching me proper running technique, which took me a few sessions to really get down. But with Bastien’s help and encouragement I persisted and stuck to the training plan. On racing day I felt great excitement, but also a sense of calm, because I knew exactly my strategy and I was going to follow it to the finish line. And so I did! I finished the race in and I cannot even describe the feeling when I reached the end – it was simply amazing. Not only did i succeed, but I feel like I’m just getting started…”

April 2018


“I had been running for years, mostly semi-marathons and 20-30 km trails, when I decided that this was the year I was going to do the Bouillonnante, a 50 km 2500mD+ slog in the Ardennes. Soon I realised that just putting in extra kms wouldn’t do and that I needed a step change in the way I approached my preparation. Bastien quickly grasped what needed to be done and provided me with a clear approach, reassurance and most of all a contagious motivation! Needless to say I completed the Bouillonante successfully. I highly recommend Bastien for his skills but also because he is a very pleasant person to work with.”

April 2018


“When I had my first meeting with Bastien I was sceptical – who is this guy who loves taking the stairs to 10th floor and how will he ever be able to teach me to run? I literally could not run 50 meters to catch the bus, but with Bastien’s patience and gentle guiding I can now say that I actually feel a lot better in general and enjoy going out for a run. I think his professionalism and the fact that you can see that he enjoys his work is what makes him a good coach.”

May 2018


“Dankzij Bastien heb ik mezelf heruitgevonden als loper. Onder zijn impuls ben ik gaan sleutelen aan mijn pasfrequentie en looptechniek. Het resultaat is een meer economische en efficiëntere loopstijl. Daardoor kan ik die zware loopschoenen links laten liggen en kiezen voor lichte, snelle schoenen. Heerlijk. Behalve op vlak van lopen heeft Bastien me ook enkele waardevolle voedingstips meegegeven.”

November 2017


“Dankzij Bastien ben ik gecontroleerd beginnen lopen. Bastien zorgt voor een goede persoonlijke follow-up met tips en tricks die echt nuttig zijn en variëren van persoon tot persoon.”

June 2017

Send us an e-mail if you want to find out more about our coaching program.

Usually we meet new runners over a coffee. This allows you to ask any question you might have, and allows us to get a better idea of your specific sports profile and needs. After the meeting you’ll have a clear idea whether our coaching is what you’re looking for.

The meeting can be at my office (Sanohub, Rue Saint-Denis 120, Forest), or closer to you if you prefer.