Running Coaching in Brussels

Your Local Coach

Whether you prepare one of our city’s major events (Ecotrail, marathon, …) or just want to get fit, 3COACH.BE’s local trainer Bastien is there to help you to reach your running goals.

Our approach is 100% personalized: an extensive take-in to get to know you, your motivation and ambitions, weekly updated programs based on your progress, and one-on-one field coachings in your neighbourhood planned based on your availabilities. Your coach is also available by phone, mail or Whatsapp for any question or problem you might have.

3COACH.BE collaborates in Brussels with:

  • Sports physiotherapist Christophe Ciavarella, based Avenue de Floréal, Uccle.
  • Jogging+, Specialist Running Shop, Rue du Luxembourg 6, 1000 Brussels.

Learn How to Run Effortlessly

Running is more than putting one foot in front of the other, it’s a skill. Just like any other sport you can improve your skills by exercising. It takes effort and work, but we will show you how and help you to become lighter and smoother in your movements.

After a while running will become less painful and you will find higher pleasure in your runs. Inevitably, with better technique and more running pleasure will come higher motivation, and from there it’s just a small step to increased performance.


Just follow the program

Focusing on running technique is what makes this coaching program different. Your coach will regularly run with you to work on the many different aspects like posture, arms, landing and cadence. You will get direct feedback and grow week after week.

Through an online platform you will receive a weekly training program, in which we will review the main training principles to take into account. On top of that, we will share helpful insights about nutrition, and we can also discuss and develop your mental strength.


Who is the program for?

You’re a beginner and you want to take up running, but you don’t know how? Or maybe you’re trying, but you find it hard and you can’t imagine yourself comfortably strolling kilometer after kilometer? We can start together from scratch, we’ll teach you all the basics, and soon you will be running like you never imagined you would.

You’re an experienced runner but never worked on running technique? Instead of going through the whole process of experimenting, your learning curve will be much steeper when we work on it together, gradually making your style more efficient. After all, running is about being as fast as possible with the lowest energy investment.


Bram (2017)

Dankzij Bastien heb ik mezelf heruitgevonden als loper. Onder zijn impuls ben ik gaan sleutelen aan mijn pasfrequentie en looptechniek. Het resultaat is een meer economische en efficiëntere loopstijl. Daardoor kan ik die zware loopschoenen links laten liggen en kiezen voor lichte, snelle schoenen. Heerlijk. Behalve op vlak van lopen heeft Bastien me ook enkele waardevolle voedingstips meegegeven.


Robin (2017)

Quel plaisir de sortir courir maintenant j’ai acquis la base des techniques de running grâce au coaching de Bastien. Les 5 mois de coaching que j’ai suivi avec lui m’ont permis d’atteindre les trois objectifs que je m’étais fixés : reprendre avec plaisir une activité physique régulière, perdre 5 kg et faire le semi-marathon de Bruxelles en moins de 1h54. Merci Bastien :-)!


Birgit (2017)

Dankzij Bastien ben ik gecontroleerd beginnen lopen. Bastien zorgt voor een goede persoonlijke follow-up met tips en tricks die echt nuttig zijn en variëren van persoon tot persoon.


Send us an e-mail if you want to find out more about our coaching program.


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